Tedd Arnold

Tedd Arnold music  - click here

Tedd Arnold music - click here

Invisible Inside

Unique Progressive Electronica


Music for the Post Apocalyptic Industrial Nation

Ghost Child

Young Sarah Diane has suddenly passed away. After the initial confusion sets in, her spirit gently moves through the infinite stages of being. Come along on her voyage through the afterlife.

A Theft of Fire

The Spirits are Awake ~ The Seal has Been Broken

Sacred Electronica

A sonic journey into the realms of divine consciousness. Exploring the chakra centers from the crown of your head ( A Thousand Petals) to the base of your spine (Deep Within The Earth) and beyond the beyond (Nirvana). Listen, Breathe, Transcend.

Bob Neft

The Demise of Gaia

Concept rock album about the beauty of Mother Earth and the careless destruction that us humans have been causing. We need to care about each other, look up from our screens and get involved in saving Mother Earth before it is too late.

Cacophony of Life

Feel the Heat...             Move your Feet...   Dancing in the Street to the Rhythm of the City

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Bob Neft music  - click here

Bob Neft music - click here

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